Open plan offices are highly used in growing companies today. While this may be very efficient in maximizing real estate, it may also present the following challenges:

The inability to have an important private conversation without the use of a room.

Creating a greater demand for the use of conference rooms for private conversation.

As a result, conference rooms are used by individuals, when their intent is for hosting groups.

Speak E Z Pod address these challenges with a quiet, functional, cost-effective solution.

The SPEAK E Z Pod is equipped with:

  • Acoustic interior wall lining - inside sound stays in

  • Sound dampening insulated wall - outside sound stays out

  • Exhaust fan ventilation - circulates air to keep pod cool and fresh

  • Insulated double pane glass door - lets light in and keeps sound out

  • Fold down desk – a work station when you need it, or fold it away for more space

  • Power outlet with 110 and USB plugs – keeps your devices powered up for long sessions

Speak E Z Pod dimensions: 42 1/2” X 42 1/2” X 88 1/2” high

The Speak E Z Pod is constructed with recycled denim sound proof material between 2 sheets of plywood, with an echo reducing acoustic inner lining, and insulated glass door allowing natural light.

Customize your Pod

Custom sizes, color, textiles, features and accessories

are available and are based on individual orders

SPEAK EZ is committed to providing businesses with cost-effective, quality products that improve efficiency, resulting in better productivity

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