Founder Ephtali Boke began as an art director and set designer in Los Angeles California, designing and fabricating sets for the entertainment industry. Ephtali specialized in creating many original sets and props; taking concepts, making them into practical deliverables, turning them into functional products.

Leveraging his 15 years of experience, he is applying those skills to the challenges that todays’ office design presents in a changing work environment

Open concept offices are highly used in growing companies today. While this is very efficient in maximizing real estate, it presents challenges:

  • the inability to have an important private conversation without the use of a conference room 

  • often, there are not enough conference rooms or private spaces to handle the demand

  • conference rooms being used by an individual, when their intent is for hosting groups

Speak EZ Pod address these challenges with a private quiet, comfortable, efficient, functional, and cost-effective solution.

Speak E Z is committed to providing businesses with cost-effective, quality products that improve efficiency resulting in better productivity